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Security: Advanced CCTV & IP Security Camera Systems

Technological advancements have made it possible to ensure utmost security to life, assets and property. From business organizations, commercial premises to residential properties, surveillance technology such as security cameras or CCTVs (Closed Circuit Television) have helped in providing higher levels of security whether it is day or night. AS CCTVs provide real time video surveillance, it has helped in preventing thefts and break-ins, ensuring privacy and protection, screening movements in high risk areas, and above all serving as an effective crime deterrent. Hence, considering the reliability and accountability aspects, CCTVs are now fast replacing security guards.

However, not all security cameras have the same functionalities and do not provide the same level of surveillance. For instance, there are fixed cameras, PTZ cameras, and virtual PTZ or 360 degree cameras and all of these differ in their capabilities and suit different premises. Besides, the features required for home security cameras differ considerably from those required for commercial or office purposes.

With a vast array of CCTV cameras and equipment available, finding the best one that meets your needs is quite difficult. This is because environmental factors such as extreme weather conditions and other aspects such as the area that need to be monitored, the kind of network required, lighting conditions, audio integration, lens, sensor and resolution requirements also need to be looked at.

At Mindbells, we design the perfect CCTV solution for your home or business. Being in the field for years, we can easily understand your requirements and provide you with solutions that take care of all your security needs 24/7. We have carried out CCTV installation in Dubai for thousands of diverse customers with unique surveillance requirements. Apart from companies, commercial business and residence, we also provide security solutions for neighborhood community. Whether it is ensuring personal safety, screening movements, preventing inventory loss or monitoring employee productivity, we assure you that we provide foolproof installation.

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