VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

Start your journey with the industry’s most advanced VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery (VMDR) is a disaster recovery solution provided by VMware. VMDR integrates with VMware’s vSphere platform to provide organizations with a simple, automated, and cost-effective solution for disaster recovery. VMDR replicates data and applications from on-premises vSphere environments to VMware Cloud on AWS, providing organizations with a secure, off-site location for disaster recovery. VMDR includes features such as automated backups, replication, testing, and failover capabilities, allowing organizations to quickly recover from a disaster and minimize downtime and data loss. VMDR is designed to work seamlessly with existing vSphere environments, providing a familiar and consistent operating environment for disaster recovery. By using VMDR, organizations can benefit from the cost-effectiveness, scalability, and reliability of VMware Cloud on AWS, while ensuring that their IT systems and data are protected in the event of a disaster.