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SAP Cloud Solutions & Services

Since 2004, our consultants have designed and delivered end-to-end solutions for our clients that are enabled by SAP technologies.

As a team with an experienced consultant initially we start with finding business problem rather than the requirements or solution – we often lead us to integrate SAP with non-SAP and cloud-based technologies particularly with SAP Cloud Migration and SAP Solutions with the organization where customers, suppliers and partners are engaged.

We also understand that in today’s complex business requirements, fast moving business environments, traditional waterfall approaches don’t always work. Requirements change and evolve; organizations demand more rapid Revenue On-Return (ROI) and business users struggle to show the ability to speak fluently and coherently to their underlying requirements.

Thus, we use agile techniques in SAP implementations and embedded the three concepts of collaboration, visualization and iteration into all our delivery approaches.

Why choose Mindbells for your SAP implementation?
  • Work with a team that has relevant industry experience, technical skills and a proven track record in delivering end-to-end solutions for complex business needs.
  •  Reduce risk, minimize disruption and anticipate all scenarios with highly experienced, fully qualified SAP Functional and Technical consultants.
  •  End-to-end implementation programme from design through to user training and support
  • Use of common reusable business components reduces costs of SAP implementations
  • High adoption and satisfaction levels through extensive user acceptance testing and training
SAP hybris and Mindbells: A successful partners for e-commerce

The solutions by SAP hybris used in B2C e-commerce as well as B2B e-commerce belong to the world’s leading software solutions.

SAP Hybris is a digital initiative for entrepreneurs will have comprehensive platform to which they can devise solutions such as online stores, service portals and individual e-commerce applications. They can offer optimum shopping experience to their target customer groups. Hybris offers a user-friendly framework for an effective, customized implementation starting from the existing “Accelerator” solution templates and open standard technologies.

Mindbells Systems is a leading SAP service provider out ASIA head quarter in Singapore having more than 20 years of experience in SAP product services and development of customization solutions over complex applications. Mindbells Technologies offers comprehensive services focused on setup, including Look & Feel, on-going operation and expansion of hybris platforms.

Integrate your backend SAP HANA with front end CRM of C4C to increase your customer base. Use cloud for instant response to enhance your customer delight!

SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) is a modern solution Cloud, dedicated to customer relationship management (Customer Relationship Management). The system supports business processes in the area: the management of a business partner, sales, service and marketing. SAP C4C is also a platform for building custom business applications integrated with CRM environment. Physically the system is maintained in a certified SAP Data Center high availability. This solution minimizes the total cost of ownership while maintaining a high level of data security and the ability to access applications from anywhere through mobile devices.

In the area of SAP technology C4C, Mindbells Technologies offers the following services:

  • Accelerator implementation “C4C SAP Startup Kit” It is a way to quickly and cost effective launch of the system involving the implementation of ready-to-use business processes in the customer’s production environment. The process is focused on the rapid and effective implementation of standard SAP functionality C4C over several weeks so that the completed project implementation enabled the customer to use the system in the most important areas for themselves. In the following steps it is possible to identify and implement changes to the system in accordance with specified requirements.
  •  Consultations functional in the implementation of SAP C4C, business process analysis and mapping in the SAP environment C4C, system configuration according to customer requirements (Scoping & Fine-tuning).
  • Extensions PDI (Partner Development Infrastructure), modification of existing and create your own business objects, enhancements, user interface
  • C4C integration of SAP systems with on-premise ERP / CRM using technology PI (Process Integration) and HCl (HANA Cloud Integration), C4C integration of SAP with other systems on-premise and cloud
  • Data migration to SAP C4C
  • Process outsourcing support production SAP systems C4C in the management of incidents, problems and changes

Mindbells Technologies will migrate the existing on premise SAP System to private or public cloud.

Mindbells Technologies is enabled with OSDB Migration consultant, SAP HANA certified and SAP Basis consultant. This qualification leads to have a successful migration, we have done many migrations.