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Management consulting, we have prior experience and capabilities of both the industry and practice of helping organizations improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing organizational business process and provide suitable solutions for improvement. Many Organizations engaged our services as Management Consulting for several reasons, including gaining external advice, access to our consultants specialized skill, and expertise on suitable solutions. Because of our exposure in mutli-culture, cross industry relationships with numerous organizations, we are aware of industry “best practices”. We provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, and operational improvement services. Our Management consultants generally bring their own, proprietary methodologies and frameworks to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing work tasks. As part of Management Consulting Services, we provide Business Process Analaysis (BPA) and Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) services.

Many organizations fail to deliver the benefits which were envisaged in the original business case for their ERP system investment. The ERP Assessment is designed to rapidly identify opportunities for improvement and help organizations to drive further returns from their initial investments.

For many organizations, the implementation of a new ERP system does not deliver the full return on investment originally expected. Some of the common reasons for this are:

  • Lack of focus on benefits realization during implementation.
  • Taking inadequate account of process and organizational change.
  • Insufficient education and training of the users.
  • Postponement of the implementation of some parts of the system due to implementation fatigue or budgetary constraints.

When this happens, a very expensive asset is being significantly under-utilized. The Assessment is a low-cost approach to identifying opportunities for improvement and presenting potential benefits to the senior management team.

  • An assessment of current operations and of how the system is being used to support and improve the business processes.
  • Analysis of results and identification of opportunities for improvement.
  • A high-level estimate of the potential benefits resulting from those opportunities.
  • A prioritized list of potential improvement initiatives.
  • A feedback presentation to senior management outlining the potential benefits and proposed implementation approach.
  • Most of the cost of the system implementation has already been incurred – the Assessment is about identifying how to drive further benefits from the initial investment.
  • The assessment and feedback processes are highly engaging and interactive, which helps to build ownership and commitment to the improvement initiatives.
  • Many of the initiatives identified are likely to be low investment in relation to the return, and therefore will be self-funding.
Why Mindbells?
  • Mindbells has strong management team with cross industry experience in regionally and globally to perform the assessment
  • Mindbells consultants have a deep knowledge of ERP system capability and can bring experience of how other organizations have improved performance through ERP. Mindbells has extensive experience of business process improvement and change management – factors which may not have been addressed in the original ERP implementation.
Our Change Management Methodolog

The following points explains our methodology based on the change management approach contained within Accelerated SAP. The methodology, coupled with the experience of our Change Management practitioners, forms a very powerful results-oriented approach by which to ensure the secure and timely delivery of the business benefits of the SAP implementation.

Change Management should include in the scope of project if it is more than 100 SAP users and willingness of the client to participate. Change management will be undertaken by a dedicated Change Team for the duration of the SAP initiative. We will provide consultancy to advise the Change Team, and the responsibilities and activities will be carried out by the Ingram Micro Project Team.

The following phase is described as part of our methodology. Each of the phase will be considered during the execution phase.

  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Team Preparation for Change
  • Communications
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Education and Training

Mindbells conduct Executive Training in the areas where the Top Management or C-level required for decision making.

  • Why ERP and its ROI
  • Project Management and successful implementation
  • Process Management and six-sigma process
  • On demand management trainings

One of our specialized capabilities – Coaching

Executive coaching is motivation training that is aimed at helping corporate executives enhance their effectiveness in the workplace. The process of coaching executives usually involves elements of continuing education, exposure to many different ideas and philosophies regarding the proper management of a business, and concepts on how to retain enthusiasm for the work at hand and thus enjoy a high level of personal satisfaction with the chosen career. People with strong teaching and motivational skills often do very well with an executive coaching career.

To be effective in the field of executive coaching, it is important for the coaching professional to have excellent organizational skills, the ability to articulate information in a manner that students can grasp, and a great deal of enthusiasm for the subject matter.

We provide coaching on ERP and Business Process Management areas

Conflicts are natural and generally non-negative. What comes out in a conflict, but it can be good or bad. It is not the situation itself, but how we deal with the conflict is significant.

Executives are now more than ever faced with the task to deal with conflicts between or with employees, colleagues, superiors or with people outside the organization. A say, think and more democratic participation are required; the unwanted side effect is that direct opposites are favored and provide a potential source of conflict. This as an opportunity and to use as a stabilizing and integrative phenomenon in the organization, is based on our conflict management seminars.

In conflicts between organizations, we also offer our assistance as the moderator / mediator (independent third party). We work out the various interests of the parties to the conflict and strive to develop jointly supported solutions.

A conflict will only be solved if nobody feels a loser!

mediation (conflict mediation) is often used to resolve conflicts of various kinds Thus, if mediation to be used as a panacea for conflicts? Certainly, not! Many disputes can, however, overcome using mediation.

Mediation is an efficient structured conflict resolution process in which the conflicting parties try to work together on a fair and future-oriented solution. This is done cooperatively with all involved in the conflict. The goal is for all satisfactory result (ideally a win-win situation).

Each mediation shall be conducted by a mediator (mediators team). The mediators are neutral, do not have private interests in conflict. They dictate any solutions but, as processes responsible for the guardians of the process. You are no referees, the responsibility