Microsoft Azure Data Center Migration

“Data Center Migration requires expertise and experience; two critical elements essential in positively changing your organization’s operating environment. Our Services take the risk and hassle out of upgrading to a more efficient and effective operational model.”

Data Center Migration allows your business to benefit from the following scenarios:

  • Cutting costs by removing any data redundancies.
  • Enhancing security by moving to a more modern and updated system.
  • Increased efficiency through well planned consolidation & migration; which avoids the pitfall of data sprawl.

While the benefits are clear, the process itself is sensitive & needs to be performed with a keen eye on details and specifics. Each individual migration needs to be treated with care and painstaking diligence. At Mindbellstech, we have developed a tried and tested approach to investigate and understand your current operating model, so we can identify the processes and investments required for a painless and hassle-free migration to using Azure services. Mindbellstech commences the process by getting comprehensively acquainted with your business environment and operational needs. We then engage our exhaustive review process, so we can identify which Azure solutions suit you best, along with migration options, infrastructure prerequisites and indicative costs. Our experienced team then shares these fully documented findings with you, to initiate a comprehensive engagement that helps guide your organization through every step of the transition process.


Align stakeholders, define migration and modernization strategy, and engage a partner.


Discover and assess your environment. build the business case, and create a concrete migration and modemization plan


Align stakeholders, define migration and modernization strategy, and engage a partner.


Ensure a secure and well-managed environment for your workloads. For example, turn on backup, monitoring and security. intelligence tools.